DROP THE PILL ® was founded by Y2K cult artist Micha Klein.

Micha, a punk rocker and a skateboarder in his teens became an influential VJ in the house scene and a pioneer digital artist from late 80's onward. He collaborated with Eminem, Tiesto and Coca-Cola and his work can be found in international museums.

DROP THE PILL ® has deep roots in the counter culture of electronic, techno and house music. Artist Micha started the label in 2018 as an extension to his artistic work. The garments and accessories Klein designs serve as another canvas for him to convey his agenda and artistic vision.

The DROP THE PILL ® brand is all about lifestyle that binges together a vast assortment of similar counter cultures. From artists, musicians, designers and photographers to any creative like-minded individuals such as skateboarders, surfers and clubbers. Transcends of any race and social structure and exposes the individual to a world free of prejudice or restriction.

DTP ® explores the fashion of our times using advanced computer technologies. Experimenting with cutting edge graphics and digital printing, new fabrics, cutting techniques and function. Remixing phrases, hybridizing cultures and coming up with our new language.

The outcome is a brand defining a new way for men to dress. An ultra high concept for urban and street wear. A uniform for the progressive culture. A brand welcoming the people who are looking for something different, something unique and special that is designed and produced with great love and happiness.

Driven by these ideals of self expression and the freedom for individual belief, Micha attempts to express those standards through the concentrated collection that is DROP THE PILL ®.